Ditzy Trap

So I booked tickets for my friend and I to see the Mousetrap on Friday 12th July at 7.30. The tickets arrived yesterday and I was about to file them in a safe place (that I will probably forget) when I saw the message PLEASE CHECK YOUR TICKETS. I so nearly ignored this as usual but something just made me check whilst laughing at myself for bothering. Just as well I did – I appear to have booked the matinee on Saturday 13th! I’m sure in is their mistake but we’ll go with it 🤣🤣

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Reflecting on the weekend and the toilet and hatrick faux pas, it bought back memories of many years ago in Margate ……..

Jack was 2 and we’d holidayed at Butlins in Margate. We had an adventurous week and a few things stick in my mind but especially the following:-

The time I took him to the loo and then decided to go myself. Jack as impatient and ingenous as always, worked out how to manouvere the lock mid pee. Cue me, stopping flow (which after kids is difficult) and chasing after him whilst pullimg up knickers and jeans before he exited the hotel.

On another occassion, we were queing up in the hotel shop, to pay for a new fishing net. Suddenly I heard Jack saying “Yeah. catch” and turned to see he had placed the net over the head of a little girl and was reeling her in. 18 years ago and nothings bloody changed with catching women and then letting them off the hook

Freudian Slip

So after 3 and a bit years it was a poignant departure from my current mental health team.

I was opening my leaving card and all my lovely presents and was delighted by all, especially the gluten free goodies. Until the consultant psychiatrist said “fatten the cow”. There was silence and then uproar of laughter. This was made slightly worse by him then sending an e mail to the whole team (as some hadn’t been there) of “I meant to say fatten the calf”. It’s far to late Allen. The deed is done. But I’ll take it in good humour. The diet starts tomorrow …