Ignorance is Bliss

Me: Mark. You will have a missed call from me. Just ignore it

Me: Mark I rang you accidentally

Me; Mark. Mark. Did you hear me?

Mark: Yes. You told me to ignore you


First Date

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So the word prompt today is ‘Bumble’. This is something I do often but couldn’t think of a ditzy act to write about this so I googled instead and discovered Bumble is a dating ap where women make the first move. This brought back memories of my Plenty of Fish (POF) a few years back.

It’s a good name as you really do have to fish through the sharks, piranhas and dead wood. I went on a few dates and some were down right creepy and on others I felt as though I should have tsken my CV! They all went Bumble weed.

Other times I’d spend weeks talking to people who went eely silent when I suggested meeting up for a drink. They were clearly Tasseled Anglerfish using other people’s pictures as camoflauge! I was fed up with this and so on my next trawl I simply said “Hi cutie”. He responded with “I’ve never been called that before”. I dived straight in with “fancy meeting for a drink?” The response? “Well I would but I’ve just got a new phone and don’t know my number or how to work it” more Bumble.

A month later I got a message from the same guy asking “what happened to our date then?”

Well I decided to give it a shot and we planned to meet a few days later at The Wine Lodge in Lowestoft. Just for a change I got hopelessly lost and 15 minutes late I rang him and said I was nearly there as I’d just seen a sign to the beach. He seemed ok about this until he hung up and I heard him say “the bitch”. Fell for it again, hook, line and sinker. My phone rang immediately and he enquired if I’d said the beach? Phew he hasn’t called me a dog after all! He explained he was at the other Wine Lodge in Oulton Broad. It was 5 minutes up the road but obviously took me another 15 minutes to find it. The date went well and we arranged to meet again the next week at the same place . I didn’t want to be late so twatnavved The Wine Lodge and ended up at a third one I didn’t even know existed in the high street. 20 minutes into our date I’m driving around talking to him on hands free listening to his directions and driving up and down between roundabouts. I eventually arrived half our late again. I later found out that he nearly bottled out of our first date but only went as his work mate said ” you never know she might be the one”.

We married two years later and now live in Lowestoft and The Wine Lodge has closed. It reopened just before our second anniversary and I excitedely asked if we could go there  to celebrate. I was disappointed  when he said no until he explained that it was now a children’s play area and the name ‘Dinky Town’ should have have been ‘Ditzy Town’

The moral of the story? Don’t Bumble around and give up just keep on diving in 😀