Ditzy Trap

So I booked tickets for my friend and I to see the Mousetrap on Friday 12th July at 7.30. The tickets arrived yesterday and I was about to file them in a safe place (that I will probably forget) when I saw the message PLEASE CHECK YOUR TICKETS. I so nearly ignored this as usual but something just made me check whilst laughing at myself for bothering. Just as well I did – I appear to have booked the matinee on Saturday 13th! I’m sure in is their mistake but we’ll go with it 🤣🤣

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Blues Brothers

Watching Blues Brothers tonight in Aretha Franklin scene and I say:

“I bet that bloke at the back is really playing that trumpet and he hardly gets notice.

Mark: Playing what?

Me: oh the trombone

Mark: the what?

Me: A saxophone …?

Bingo. Third time lucky. All hail to Lou Marini for teaching me my instruments!

JInscrutable Me

via Daily Prompt: Inscrutable

Inscrutable is an adjective which sums up me and my blog completely!

The saying ‘Don’t try to understand me, just love me’ should definitely be my motto.

I often find the world itself as unfathomable as others find me.

At work I’m very observant but I seem to completely tune out when I log off. I have often asked things such as “is that new” to be told that the picture has been hanging in that place for 10 years – in my childhood home.

Once, whilst driving, I was astounded to see what looked like bald pink sheep in a field. I expressed my surprise for my son to inform me they were pigs. The standing joke is now “look mum – wooly pigs”

I used to despair of me, but now I just embrace it and share my ditziness with others to try and brighten their day. Check out more of my blogs on my home page. I promise, every single one is completely but unbelievably true.

May The Force Be with you 

So our long awaited trip to see the latest Star Wars arrived today. We’d planned to go with Geri and Sam and to meet outside the cinema at 1.15 for 1.30 start.  Mark and I set off from Lowestoft but it took longer to get into Norwich than expected and after a couple of  phone calls between us agreed to meet them in the cinema and they would look out for us. Mark and I got our tickets and headed to the screen but we could Not see Geri and Sam. I broke a cardinal sin and rang them from the auditorium.  Sam answered and said they were in screen 2. Bugger. We’re in screen7.  I went into screen 2 but still couldnt find them. I got back to my seat and the text came “What cinema you at?”

“Oh no” I said to Mark “I bet they’ve gone to Vue” (in Norwhich). I text back that we were at the Odeon and where were they.

In bloody Lowestoft that’s where! Honestly. You couldn’t make it up!

New Year Nuts

Lovely. Getting old. Settled in and got ready for New Year. Amaretto and coke, Night at the Museum and peanuts.

Yum. I love peanuts.

Mark: are they the peanuts I knocked all over the floor earlier?

I mean, why would you put them back in the peanut bowl?!

Still. Not quite as bad as the friend who attempted to enjoy the complimentary peanuts with his drinks in Spain. They were so hard they just wouldn’t crunch down. And then he realised the other people on his table were enjoying the olives ……. with stones  😂