Ditzy Trap

So I booked tickets for my friend and I to see the Mousetrap on Friday 12th July at 7.30. The tickets arrived yesterday and I was about to file them in a safe place (that I will probably forget) when I saw the message PLEASE CHECK YOUR TICKETS. I so nearly ignored this as usual but something just made me check whilst laughing at myself for bothering. Just as well I did – I appear to have booked the matinee on Saturday 13th! I’m sure in is their mistake but we’ll go with it 🤣🤣

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May The Force Be with you 

So our long awaited trip to see the latest Star Wars arrived today. We’d planned to go with Geri and Sam and to meet outside the cinema at 1.15 for 1.30 start.  Mark and I set off from Lowestoft but it took longer to get into Norwich than expected and after a couple of  phone calls between us agreed to meet them in the cinema and they would look out for us. Mark and I got our tickets and headed to the screen but we could Not see Geri and Sam. I broke a cardinal sin and rang them from the auditorium.  Sam answered and said they were in screen 2. Bugger. We’re in screen7.  I went into screen 2 but still couldnt find them. I got back to my seat and the text came “What cinema you at?”

“Oh no” I said to Mark “I bet they’ve gone to Vue” (in Norwhich). I text back that we were at the Odeon and where were they.

In bloody Lowestoft that’s where! Honestly. You couldn’t make it up!


Today I trod on my cats tail as he innocently ate his breakfast and then my Facebook timeline reminded me of events on this day 4 years ago:

A few weeks ago I was mortified when I met Marks sister Kerry Barnard only to discover tissue hanging from my nose looking like a bogey. Imagine how I felt today when I met his other sister and promptly reversed into her friends car on leaving. Why am I such a bloody klutz?!

Nice to know nothing changes with age!


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We were all relieved to get out of the last hour of a really boring training day. Unfortunately, I found myself as the centre of the excuse.
Part of my tooth had broken off with no pain and I said to my colleagues that I needed to make a dentist appointment. Geri asked to look at my tooth part and the next I knew she was showing it to the facilitator and telling her I was in agony and we had to go. If that wasn’t enough, Lucinda went round the room collecting Paracetamol and brufen which the facilitator dutifully watched me take. The facilitator was relieved to discover I could get an urgent appointment at my dentist in the next hour, as I did an Oscar winning performance of talking to my voicemail messages on my phone. I was the car share driver that day, so off we all went. I was so relieved to get out of there.
I couldn’t get an appointment at the dentist for two days, which was ok, as I wasn’t in pain but the stump was a bit annoying. I was relieved to get it out until I realised I needed 3 bloody stitches. When Karma comes back and bites you