Blues Brothers

Watching Blues Brothers tonight in Aretha Franklin scene and I say:

“I bet that bloke at the back is really playing that trumpet and he hardly gets notice.

Mark: Playing what?

Me: oh the trombone

Mark: the what?

Me: A saxophone …?

Bingo. Third time lucky. All hail to Lou Marini for teaching me my instruments!


May The Force Be with you 

So our long awaited trip to see the latest Star Wars arrived today. We’d planned to go with Geri and Sam and to meet outside the cinema at 1.15 for 1.30 start.  Mark and I set off from Lowestoft but it took longer to get into Norwich than expected and after a couple of  phone calls between us agreed to meet them in the cinema and they would look out for us. Mark and I got our tickets and headed to the screen but we could Not see Geri and Sam. I broke a cardinal sin and rang them from the auditorium.  Sam answered and said they were in screen 2. Bugger. We’re in screen7.  I went into screen 2 but still couldnt find them. I got back to my seat and the text came “What cinema you at?”

“Oh no” I said to Mark “I bet they’ve gone to Vue” (in Norwhich). I text back that we were at the Odeon and where were they.

In bloody Lowestoft that’s where! Honestly. You couldn’t make it up!

All in a Day


Years ago (in the year 2000 to be precise) Lisa and I were taking the sprogs out. We eventually got sorted and all piled into Lisa’s car.  I sat in the passenger seat, she looked at me, I looked back and smiled and wondered why the hell she wasn’t reversing.  Okay, okay, it’s an easy mistake to make.  So I parked my car behind hers on the drive.  No problem!


We headed for Chelmsford, via the Halifax, as Lisa needed a balance on her account.  The conversation for over half of the ensuing journey, revolved around how the machine could actually keep her card when all she’d requested was a balance.  Quarter of an hour later, we established that she had a new card in her purse.  The one in the machine expired in December 1999 – I mean last century!


Next MacDonalds and the cinema.  I was really starting to question this play/quality time with the kids.  Perhaps I should stick to washing, cooking and housework – there seems to be far less tears and tantrums!  Simply the trip was not as sucessful as I’d envisaged.  Relief came when all were strapped back in the car.  Before we pulled away we watched a young lad screech up the slope, drive the wrong way around the car park and then try to park.  The parking was really funny.  Lisa said “he’ll learn to drive next week!”.  They got out of the car just as we drove past.  I so nearly wound down the window and quoted Lisa.  I’m so glad I didn’t.  Next minute she’d overshot the exit, had to reverse and on turning her head to see what she was doing, bashed it – full on – on the side window.  I wet myself.  Christ knows what they did, I couldn’t see through the tears.

It nearly all went to the dogs

My Facebook timeline from 2012 – thanks for the reminder!

Tonight Dawn and I were taking Jack and Heather to the dogs until I discovered  Yesterday that my Groupon voucher ran out two days ago. So we decided to go to Hollywood cinema as I had two buy 1 get 1 free vouchers. We met in Great Yarmouth whereupon I discovered I had forgotten said vouchers. Thank you sooo much to Lin and Andy for Orange Wednesday! Got me out of another Corinnaism! Xx

Not my Finest

Off to the flicks tonight but was early and decided to have a swift half of Suffolks best – Aspal Cyder, in a glass with ice. Thought this would be far better for me than a wine. That was until it was served half poured in my glass – from a 500ml bottle. Spoons don’t do it on draught. Half an hour later, I’m walking through Lowestoft town, trying to conceal half a bottle of Aspal and not look like a drunk. I somehow managed to do this, ask and pay for my ticket, go up to the Marina bar and take a plastic cup and sneakily decant the cider into it and sit sipping it at the bar whilst waiting for my cinema buddie.

We take our seats and just as the movie – Their Finest – starts, I wonder if my mobile is on silent. I rummage and find it and cannot see if it is on silent or not and decide it will be easier just to turn it off. I press and hold the button and Siri loudly announces “Sorry Corinna I did not get that”.  Bugger wrong sodding button.