Calendar Girls at the Women’s Institute

Went to see Calendar Girls the musical yesterday at Norwich Theatre. The show was brilliant and during the intermission my sister in law asked me if we should join the WI. She encouraged me to do a search for our local branch but I couldn’t get 4G. I tried again today and then suddenly thought ‘I hope she’s not expecting us to get naked!’ #theatre #show #ditzy #humour #calendargirls #norwich #musicals #womensinstitute


Ladies Day Out

After a very foggy fibro morning of losing everything and forgetting what I was doing I eventually arrived to pick up the ladies. All packed in the car but, despite many attempts Aunty could not get the middle seat belt to click in. Three of us looked at it to no avail and eventually we decided to head off with Aunty holding said seat belt in position. And then the ping ping ping sound became relentless at which point Aunty suddenly discovered there were two buckles on the belt. She tried the other one and eureka! We got to The Assembly House for high tea and not being posh, me and another Aunty poured our tea from the pots, completely ignoring the tea strainers. The best bit was watching my sister in law re-strain it into another cup (not mine though – I didn’t confess until Aunty did!) We are now at Norwich theatre watching Calendar Girls the Musical and I am sat next to the only random lone man with coat on his lap waiting for the second nude half. He should get a good view as we are in the circle but I’ve hidden the binoculars 🤣🤣

#musical #theatre #calendargirls #hightea #ditzy #humour

Its all an Illusion

Went to see Sam Bailey at The Marina in Lowestoft. Whilst watching the support acts, I kept wondering why a girl with Leister roots and who doesn’t sing country songs would have a cowboy hat propped up at the side of the drums. When she came on, the hat began to move and I realised it was a strange shaped light. It’s all an illusion ………


One day I exited our back garden via the gate with my brother. We started walking down an alleyway, which was on a downward slope, and I was amazed at a gigantic green cactus in one of the gardens. How could this happen in England? I was in awe. Perhaps it’s artificial? Or perhaps it’s a collapsed whirly line with a bright green cover …



One night I was stood in the garden with Geri whilst she had a ciggie. It was a lovely clear night and the stars were bright, I was awe struck by the biggest and lowest stars I had ever seen. They were so clear and spellbinding and there were two of them symmetrical to each corner of my garden fence. I called Mark out to take in this wonderful piece of nature, only for him to blow it all out of the water and explain they were street lights from the road behind the trees at the end of the garden.


Dog Tales

Staying at a friends in Lincolnshire and walking her dog Bella today. I forgot the tennis ball and the call back treats but remembered the poo bags (lovely!) Luckily she found a tennis ball in the undergrowth en-route and I have never seen a dog looked so pleased. She dropped it at my feet, I threw it, she nudged it with her nose …. straight through a slatted fence into the playground of a school. So ensued me trying to explain to a dog that I could not retrieve said ball and eventually we were on our way. On the way back I had a eureka moment – find a stick. Stick found, I tried to fish the ball towards the fence, but each time I did, Bella in her excitement to get it – nudged it back in. Eventually we were on the same hymn sheet. My coat is covered in green slime from said fence, my white boots covered in mud, but Bella is happy. Not sure if the ditzy one is me or her!