So the day begins ….

Had an amazing sleep last night but struggled to waking up this morning resulting in me trying to put my mop head cover on the end if Henry hoover, mistaking my travel toothpaste for my canesten cream (and it wasn’t my mouth left minty and tingly) and putting coconut oil on my hair to flatten and nourish it but also crunchy peanut butter where I had dipped a coated spoon leaving residue in the oil. So the day began…… and actually went reasonably well – until home time when I tipped up my purse trying to get two pound out of it and then watched as the money rattled in slow motion into the sealed radiator cover. Home to bed I think! #ditzy #household #coconutoil #hair #money #toothpaste



Omg! Was so excited with the prospect of this but it wouldn’t deliver to our location in Brixham! Then realised I hadn’t changed the postcode on Just Eat and take away is in Lowestoft just a few hundred miles away! Will be ordering tomorrow! #ditzy #takeaway #curry #justeat

Golf Stories

So Marks trying to explain the Ryder Cup to me and says that at one point two players play with one ball in the foursomes. I thought for a bit and then said “So if their ball goes in the water are they out?” Mark looked puzzled until I continued “well if they’re only allowed one ball for the game!” I got it eventually #ditzy #golf #sports #balls #rydercup

Missed Call

Left the house 30 minutes and noticed a miss call from Zof so rang straight back


Me: everything ok?

Zof: confused yes

Me: only I have a missed call from you.

Zof: yes you borrowed my phone to ring yours and try and locate it

Me: oh yeah. Now you know why I love Aiden

#ditzy #phones #c4TheCircle

#aiden #everonecanfloss

Boys Night Out

So the boys were out last night. My motherly instinct awoke me at 4.00 am. I heard them come in at 4.30 but was then wide awake. Watched a movie and started to drift at 6.15 but knew Brad needed to be up and out by 7.15. Checked for a body on the sofa to check here. Yep. Definitely a sleeping one so made myself stay awake until 7 am when I then went back to the lounge and started shaking his shoulder and saying his name. Did not stir. Probably just as well as after several shakes I realised it was Mitchell! #lads #mums #ditzy #boysnightout #mistakenidentity

Techno nurse

So we have this bp machine in surgery for people to self check their blood pressure. This morning a patient reported it not working but they wanted to check their bp. It was plugged in, I put my arm in the cuff, pressed the button ….. nothing. I ran off and got my portable bp machine and all was good. The senior nurse asked if I was ok, I explained the situation, she inspected the machine …… and flicked the switch on the back of the machine to on! #medical #ditzy #bloodpressure #bloodpressurecuff #bloodpressuremonitor #bloodpressurecheck #wereallhuman