Blow Dry

After swimming this morning I hung my costume up in the changing cubicle …..right above my shoes and socks.  One escaped the deludfr but the other was soaked. So ensued a 40 minute drive to work, holding said sock out of window. I now have a damp sock on my office windowsill in the sun, hair blow dried to look like a haystack and a hand which will hopefully thaw by lunch time!

Glass swap

So this makes morning I kept continually cleaning my glasses and started to panic thinking my eyes had changed again as the computer screen was blurry. That was until Mark rang to say he had been doing the same until he realised he had picked up my glasses by mistake

Train catching

Last night found me running for the last train home for the first time in about 35 years! At one point I had to take off my sandals as my feet were slipping around in them due to rain, only to then slip on the cobbles on my bare feet. We made it just as the train was about to pull out and they opened the doors to let us on. 

Unlike Geri last week who assured me she didn’t need a lift to Hatfield Peverel on our way down to Essex, she was catching the 11.42 from Halesworth, braving the chaos of Ipswich station and catching the train to Hatfield. At 11.49 she rang. ‘Where’s the train station in Saxmundham? I got caught at the barrier and missed the train and I’m now trying to get to the next station before it does’ I didn’t have the heart to tell her trains are faster but that was her lesson of the day. Eventually we picked her up from home and dropped her off enroute to Hatfield Peveral advising her to stay overnight as if she couldn’t catch a train sober she certainly wouldn’t manage it after a few bevvies! 


We fancied a fry up but only had a couple of eggs in the pot on the kitchen side when I suddenly remembered I’d seen 3 in the fridge. 

I got them out but wasn’t too sure how fresh they were so did the water trick and demonstrated for Mark. Put them in a bowl and if they float they are off, stand up on end they are on the turn but lie on the bottom they are fine. Great 3 more eggs, frying pan on, fat hot, crack open the egg. Bugger. It’s bloody hard boiled! No wonder it didn’t float!


Mistakes are a many in my world, in fact it’s the whole theme of my blog, hence the name Ditzy50.

Something I’ve been waiting to share is things men should not say to women, they have all truly been said to myself and others but are huge mistakes and once said, trying to dig themselves out of a hole leads to more mistakes; here are some of my favourites:

After dressing up for a night out; you look ridiculous in make up, I didn’t mean that as it sounded I’m just not used to seeing you with that silly eyeshadow, you don’t need it, you are beautiful anyway.

When having a wardrobe crisis because nothing seems to fit; you look lovely no matter what you wear, I must love you because I’ve dumped girls for being your size before.

When pregnant; are you sure you should be that big at your stage of pregnant and are you hormonal?!