A Fizzy One

As we get to the dining room for lunch I need to pop to the little girls room. My parting words to Mark are:

If they come over for drinks can you please get me a sparkling wine. 

When I get back he tells me they only had champagne so I just ordered mine as didn’t want to get yours wrong

New shorts?

Just spent the last 5 minutes at the pool bar frantically waving at Mark so he could see where I was. Like his new mauve shorts. Had seen his new T shirts but not these. Eventually I gave up and got out to go and see him and Fortunately realised it was a stranger prior to launching myself on him! 

Nice Girl Wrong Planet



I am such a ditz and often in my own little world and spend a lot of my life in la la land, so much so that many friends have often stated “Nice girl wrong planet” in the nicest possible way. My timeline today reminded me of one such example:

Went shopping with Mark today. I turned and put the salad in the trolley and saw a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Aw. I stroked them lovingly and jokingly said

“Who are they for? Your girlfriend?”

“Yes. Replied a strange voice”

Mark watched on doubled up!