Right now I’m blonde and maybe that gives me an excuse but I seem to have been the same most of my life no matter what the hair colour. My daftness has earnt me many titles over the years including Dizzy Bird and Ditzy and is so well known and expected, that my friends and family refer to their own daft acts as Corinna’isms.

I like to think it’s just because I’m so busy and distracted that I carry out these random acts but it’s probably just me.

Sometimes these make others despair, but most of the time they make people laugh. I therefore thought I’d share some of these with you, whether they be a blonde, black or brunette moments, to bring some fun to  your day.

I have also shared other Corinnaisms and, I kid you not, all of these are true.  If you have to think about them then you’re in the club.