The Long Way Round 

For two weeks they have given advanced warning that Bridge Road south would be closed for 2 weeks from today for roadworks. I actually remembered before I got there, drove 10 minutes out of my way to bypass said road and come out at the other end. Only to find they hadn’t closed it yet and it would have taken one minute to drive it. 

Get to Bungay to find more road closed signs. Took a risk and they closed the road right in front of me. One three point turn later and I was away trying to find an alternate route. I can’t believe I actually found my way. I decided just to follow another car I happened upon and luckily it turned out he was going to where I needed to be. Lucky I didn’t end up in Norwich really!

Please Release Me

Release? Well I would like to be released from my daily ditziness. 

This morning I said goodbye to everyone and left the house for work. Two minutes later I was back. “What you forgotten now?” asked hubby. “Nothing” I replied “I just took your car keys instead of mine”

Driving off down the road and my seat belt warning light came on. I was moving my bag around in the passenger seat and thinking that surely it wasn’t that heavy? It wasn’t until I lifted it off and the warning was still sounding that I realised I hadn’t secured MY seatbelt. 

Later in the day I got a message to ring a polic officer on 101 and was given a 4 digit extension number. I tried it 3 times to no avail as the extension number was not recognised. I hung up, rung 101 and spoke to someone explaining my dilemma. The response came ” No wonder madam. That’s his collar number not his extension. I’ll put you through now. Who shall I say is calling?” I gave my name but was far to embarrassed to say my professional capacity of responsible mental health nurse. 

I need either locking up or releasing from my craziness! 

Stolen Moments

I heard on the radio today about a group of people sitting in a pub when a bat flew in. 

The landlord was pleased to hear that one of his punters had experience with bats. Until the guy declared “I’ve been married to one for 30 years”

We may not be 30 years in, but this reminded me of all the times when at the checkout, we are asked if we need a bag. Mark always looks straight at me an replies “No. it’s ok. I already have one”


Just got back from a lovely dinner and went to the lobby bar for a drink. Sat down with Bonnie and Robbie and had to toddle off to little girls room (again – bloody kids and meno). When I got back I saw all were ready to rock n roll. Picked up a red drink with ice. Cheers. Ooh. What’s this?

Don’t know was the unanimous response. They were here when we sat down 

A Fishy Tale

Mark just spent the best twenty dollars ever – for me to snorkel on Dominican coral reef. It was an electric marine display which all went really well until something grabbed my left leg. Knowing Mark was not with me I computed that none of my other swimming companions would do this and so ensued a manic panic swim back to the boat. Whatever it was had a good grip and would not let go even once back at the boat. I held onto the side of the boat and shook and hit my leg whilst the captain looked on. I knew there was a reason I don’t usually where flippers – they collect bloody seaweed!