Wine Wine Wine

Mark: do you want a drink

Me: Yes please. I’ll have another glass of wine

Mark: You don’t need another glass of wine (I’m trying to stop). Look into my eyes. You don’t need another glass of wine

Me: I’ve looked into you eyes. I definitely need another glass of wine!

As he would say – “you walked into that one!” #alcohol #wine #chardonnay #relationships #humour #communication


Non Sliding Doors

My box of work bits is safely stored in the conservatory but tonight I needed to extract my fob to return to my last place of work. I opened the sliding doors, took off the lid of the box, got my fob and closed the door behind me. Somehow (🤣🤣) the box lid landed perfectly in place to prevent the door from opening any more than a fraction. Luckily the long stick and husband came to the rescue. I honestly do not do these things on purpose! #ditzy #humour #mylife #conservatory

Too much Siri Sherry

Well clearly Siri has caught my ditziness or had too much Christmas sherry! Trying to book some last minute winter sun in Tenerife I simply asked “Where is Santa Cruz on map of Tenerife” All translated exactly like this on my question and Siri replied: “He’s at the North Pole of course, except when he’s at his beach house 🤣🤣 #ditzy #ditzyfever #christmas #tenerife #humour #santaclaus #santacruz


So Marks early Christmas present was an Old Trafford sign with M16 on it. Talking about this today and I blurted our that I wasn’t sure as didn’t know if this was the motorway he went on. He then informed me this was the postcode 🤣🤣 🤣 #manutd #oldtrafford #motorway #football #christmaspresent

Christmas Cooking – ditzy style

As Mark and I are going away for Christmas we had our family Christmas today. All the veg were prepped yesterday ready for today’s 1pm feast. All was going well until I realised I hadn’t plugged one of the steamers in! Luckily we had sprouts and peas in the other one. And then of course there was the burnt apple strudel and the completely frozen pigs in blankets that I just found in the freezer! #ditzy #humour #christmas #cooking #christmasdinner


So feeling a bit hungry but not up to keep checking a boiling pan I decided to use our egg toy that has sat in the cupboard for 3 months! I read all the instructions, put eggs in place and pressed a bit too hard on the last pierce making extra work for myself as usual! #keto #ketodiet #paleo #paleodier #chrinicillness #fubromyalgia #eggs #ditzy #humor #humour #cooking