One Up One Down

So tonight I couldn’t decide whether to wear my boots up or down. Clearly I forgot to make the final decision before I left home going out in the practice run. Either nobody noticed or didn’t like to say …. still…. not as bad as the time I went to work wearing one grey boot and one black one!

#boots #fashion #upanddown #ditzy #hunout


Alcoholic Fresh Breath

Only I could mix up a Corsidyl bottle with the surgical spirit one! Numb mouth and tongue. That will teach me not to glug out of the bottle. I’d like to say I won’t do that again …..

#ditzy #dentalhygiene #mouthwash #corsodyl #humour #reallife

Mystery Balanced Brands

I’ve never been one for named brands and buy what I like rather who designed it/made it. I recently bought a pair of comfy trainers in TK Max with my birthday vouchers and thought the word balance might actually help me keep mine. When I wore them to work @baconbiffa commented on my new Balance trainers. I have pondered for days as to how he knew they were new. I even checked that I hadn’t put a picture on here. Perhaps it was just because they were so clean? At 5 am today Michael Connelly revealed the secret. They are actually called New Balance as I’m sure everyone reading this already knows. Took me a 62 year old crime author to fill me in but once again, the mystery is solved 🤣🤣 #michaelconnelly #newbalance #trainers #ditzy #tkmax

Its a Technological Ditzy Sign

As I work  in two roles at work, I tried to be organised and put a predefined text in my favourites to insert by my signature dependent on my work that day. Being a technophobe I was very impressed with myself and have been using this for the past 3 weeks – its so much easier. Then today I noticed that I have been telling everyone I am working for the Easter Recovery Team instead of the Eastern one!

#work #computers #technology #ditzy #humour

Ditzy Doors

Going out on afternoon visits today and took my lap top with me in my wheeled lap top bag. Got into the lift and pressed 1. Nothing. Pressed it again. Still nothing. Was just contemplating having to go find someone to carry the bag downstairs for me when I thought I’d give it one more shot. Again I pressed 1 and still nothing. At this point I finally realised I was on the first floor and needed to push the bloomin G – so glad I hadn’tt gone for help! #ditzy #work #lift #laptop #humour

Automated Banking Fruatration

Cannot get into my PO credit card account as I appear to have forgotten my user name and password (so unlike me!) Apparently I have to ring customer services. I listen patiently to all the automated options, in putting requested details as I go and eventually get through to the “Speak to the customer advisor” option (6 of course) to be greeted by a “Sorry but we are now closed” Why couldn’t the bloody machine just have told me that 5 minutes ago?! #ditzy #humour #money #creditcards

Wicked Show

Today we went to see Club Tropicana in Norwich for our wedding anniversary. Reminded me of two years ago when we went to see Wicked in London for our anniversary but someone appeared to be in our row C seats. The usher told us we needed the row behind and we sat ourselves down even though I was sure it was row D and C was definitely on our tickets. Then someone wanted the row D seats we were in. I started to panic, but only slightly as Mark had booked the tickets and not me, so I was fairly certain he had got it right. Tickets were re-checked and it appeared we were supposed to be sitting on laps in row C until the mistake was realised. The couple in our seats had also booked those seats but for 27th March not February. So glad there are others out there like me! #london #theatre #norwich #clubtropicana #wicked #musicals #ditzy