Noisy Gnat

Just tried to have a nice relaxing bubble bath but this was spoilt by a bloomin gnat buzzing around the room really loudly but I couldn’t spot it. With fear of more bites I gave up after 10 minutes and went into the bedroom where the buzzing followed me. It was at this point I realised there are people riding around on dirt bikes! #Motorbikes #mosquito #mosquitobites #gnats #bath #relaxation #ditzy #misconception


Let’s play hunt the car …. AGAIN!

You would think that after all these years of hating playing “hunt the car” I would have by now learnt to check for landmarks but oh no. After another 20 minutes of playing this daft game today I eventually found my car and unloaded my shopping into the boot and today took it one step further. After returning my shopping trolley to the trolley park I had to play again for another 5 minutes. Still. Not as bad as my Facebook friend who, the other day, had all the supermarket staff out looking for her missing car …. to find it at a completely different store. Now that’s a whole new level 🤣🤣 #carparks #supermarkets #parking #lostcar #morrisons #cars #shopping #ditzy

Cooking with a sting

I love the swirl, aroma and taste of mixed spices but I really must learn to stop touching my face after cooking curry. No matter how many times I’ve washed my hands! #curry #spices #chilli #keto #paleo #specificcarbohydratediet #autoimmune #fibromyalgia #glutenfree #lactosefree #ditzy #amtiinflamatory #cookingdelights

The Lost Girl

So this morning I droppe @_saltycrosbie_ off in Belton and on the way back decided to follow the signs to the Marina, which disappeared, for a little morning viewing. As it’s me, I clearly didn’t find it but had a lovely drive through Butgh Castle, country lanes and surrounding villages. 25 minutes later I arrived? ….. Well back at Belton obviously! Now home I thought I’d post a little pick of a Mexican Marina instead – which I found quite easily two years ago, I just sat back on the boat and let the captain do all the work #ditzy #lostagain #belton #norfolk #suffolk #wildduck #burghcastle #mexico #islamuheresmexico

Soapy Shampoo

Yesterday my long awaited shampoo soap arrived. I’d ordered after only finding out about these a couple of months ago and am currently cutting back on plastic. I jumped in the shower this morning, opened the tin, wet my hands and soap. Nothing. Oh. Perhaps it only lathers with hair?! Rubbed it all over my head. Still no lather. Perhaps they don’t lather? Then I saw a tiny tag on the back of the soap sealing the cellophane cover 🤣🤣#ditzy #shampoosoap #hairandbeauty #cutbackonplastic #saveouroceans #saveourplanet🌍

Eyelash Flutter

So ahead of my head shave I decided false eyelashes would be a good idea to make me less boy like. After several asks around the office we decided that me sporting these on my nose, cheek, forehead and ear would not be a good look. With 10 minutes to go Vicki was the saviour of the day and confidently measured up and cut down the eyelashes and prepared to put on the glue. “How long you had these” she asks whilst trying to scoop out gloopy set glue 🤣🤣Sellotape anyone?! I have settled for dangly earings and lippy