So I bought my 21 year old son this for a laugh. His response was “you know I don’t Kherson dolls”. I was going to take it back to the shop Ben then thought 💭 d have some Christmas Elf on the Shelf film doll fun:

Easy on the goods darling #filmquotes #elfontheshelf #movies #modelling #piratesofthecaribbean #funtimes #christmas


Cats Choir

When you are singing “tunefully” out loud and the cat walks into the room and flinches 🤣🤣 #cats #music #singing #letyourselfgo

Toilet Humour

So yesterday I thought I could wait until the next services to go to the little girls room. Forgetting the M25 car park …….. An hour later I parked, ran and made it. Afterwards I kept 👋🏼 at the circular flush but nothing happened. After the 5th attempt I realised I needed to actually push the button 🤣🤣 #driving #motorway #services #ditzy #humour #m25 #toilet

Packing last night Mark decided he needed a new hand luggage case as the whiff from the old one which had been stored in the loft was not sweet. 2 hours later he returned. And packed. And panicked that it was too big (even thought the shop assistant had got a tape measure before purchase) Then worried about going it alone in the airport. But he did it. Cleared security, had a beer, found departure gate and boarded. Landed. Cleared security. Boarded transfer coach. Rang me sounding happy …….. rang me stating “pissed off” Why the rapid change in mood? Had taken the wrong hand luggage case off of the transport. Personally I think the frilly g string would have looked good 🤣😀🤣 #ditzy #travel #humour #doubleentendre #lostluggage #airports

CV writing

Updating Jacks Cv and he dictating his latest sign offs. Garden machinery including a poll saw.

A what?

Pole saw mum. POLE.


A hand saw. HAND.


A foot saw. FOOT.




You didn’t just seriously write a foot saw did you?


#ditzy #gotmeagain #garden #maintenance #tools

So the day begins ….

Had an amazing sleep last night but struggled to waking up this morning resulting in me trying to put my mop head cover on the end if Henry hoover, mistaking my travel toothpaste for my canesten cream (and it wasn’t my mouth left minty and tingly) and putting coconut oil on my hair to flatten and nourish it but also crunchy peanut butter where I had dipped a coated spoon leaving residue in the oil. So the day began…… and actually went reasonably well – until home time when I tipped up my purse trying to get two pound out of it and then watched as the money rattled in slow motion into the sealed radiator cover. Home to bed I think! #ditzy #household #coconutoil #hair #money #toothpaste


Omg! Was so excited with the prospect of this but it wouldn’t deliver to our location in Brixham! Then realised I hadn’t changed the postcode on Just Eat and take away is in Lowestoft just a few hundred miles away! Will be ordering tomorrow! #ditzy #takeaway #curry #justeat