The unobservant man

Tonight we got our tickets for the Wedding Dress ball in aid of Crohns and colitis UK. I got out my dress to see how it’s faring.

Mark: why are you going to wear that

Me: Because it’s a wedding dress ball

Mark: well that’s not your wedding dress (we had this conversation on New Years Eve!)

Jack: Yes it is! But will it still fit mum?

Well thanks everyone!

On my wedding day I had long hair and Marks sister Jenny put it up for me. It is now in a pixie cut. I have just asked Mark “I wonder if Jenny would put my hair up for me tomorrow night. I know it’s short notice …

Mark: She might do. Ask her?

It wasn’t until I stood right in front of him, pointing to my cropped hair, asking “seriously?” that the penny even dropped.

Bring on the Belle of the Ball 🤣🤣

#wedding #ball #humour #relationships #hair #glamour #crohns #colitis


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