Dog Tales

Staying at a friends in Lincolnshire and walking her dog Bella today. I forgot the tennis ball and the call back treats but remembered the poo bags (lovely!) Luckily she found a tennis ball in the undergrowth en-route and I have never seen a dog looked so pleased. She dropped it at my feet, I threw it, she nudged it with her nose …. straight through a slatted fence into the playground of a school. So ensued me trying to explain to a dog that I could not retrieve said ball and eventually we were on our way. On the way back I had a eureka moment – find a stick. Stick found, I tried to fish the ball towards the fence, but each time I did, Bella in her excitement to get it – nudged it back in. Eventually we were on the same hymn sheet. My coat is covered in green slime from said fence, my white boots covered in mud, but Bella is happy. Not sure if the ditzy one is me or her!


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