Tumbling Tumbling

So last year we had the house renovated and made the unfortunate mistake of not getting a washer dryer in the all singing all dancing kitchen. We kept our old dryer outside which was fine until the cold weather came. It would just beep at us until we lifted in to the amazing kitchen and dried our clothes. Last night, with weather turned cold, I loaded the dryer and pressed the buttons and ……. it just beeped at me. Deep joy. Left it until this morning to see if it warmed up and the clothes would dry but no. Explained it all to hubby. Had I plugged it in ? Of course I bloomin had or it wouldn’t have beeped. Took him outside to show him. Yep. Still beeping. And then I realised …… the door wasn’t completely shut! #ditzy #humour #electrics #kitchens


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