My World Cup induction

My World Cup induction. So I’ve come down to the pub to support England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 with the hubby donning his beloved Man U shirt. Saw a fantastic save and asked “is that you’re goalie?” (As in Man U) No Darling David De Gea is Spanish. Aw. Still lovely as somebody’s baby boy. “They’re all somebody’s baby boy Corinna” Yes. Or brother. Have a soft spot for goalies @terryalderton. Then I wonder why a cup keeps showing with Russia when Belgium and England are playing. Oh yeah. It’s in Russia. Next stop “that would have been a great tackle in rugby. “No it wouldn’t. He used his feet” OMG I can’t even get my beloved rugby right! Next question. There are only 11 players right? So why has he got 22 on his shirt? Squad number apparently. And Loftus-Cheek – is that his real name? I think Lotsuf would be better. Finally this is so bloody exciting I’m glued but have sat near the men’s loo and been distracted by lots of men hurriedly running back out pulling up their shorts. Have they not heard of men’s tenna? And now for the second half! #football #manu #rugby worldcup2018 #england #belgium #russia #rugby #football #oldefrank #football #rugby #ditzy #humour #incontinence #excitement #gin #pub #excitement #manunited #goals #goalies #goaliesaves #daviddegea


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