Nail Dilema

Come on a peaceful nail salon experience with me. So, I tried to get rid of my acrylics and go to gel polish but this has resulted in two £20 visits in two weeks. Today saw me back at the nail bar in my usual rush, with a bag of coffee travel mug, water and smoothie as hectic day. Had already spilt my coffee on the way out of the house and fortunately drunk it by the time I got to the nail bar. Once there I plonked myself on the sofa, bag next to me, looking at nail colours. And then the dampness happened. Bugger. Water bottle had leaked in bag and literally flooded the settee. Hmm. I casually took off my cardigan and sat on it. I don’t think anyone noticed my Harlem shuffle and slide along the sofa. By the time I got called up I was drinking my bright green breakfast smoothie. Yummy. No I didn’t spill it all over the nail bar. Result! But I did send the lid hurtling over it leaving bright green circular patterns across it. Luck was on my side and it stopped just before it fell into the nail technicians lap. A woman next to me had come in for a full set and was aghast that her nails were being cut down to then have extensions put on. I mean that is a bit crazy right? As for me, I’d decided just to go back to my acrylic coats, no cutting for me, which was fortunate as her sharp gasp signified that more than her nail had been cut. All polished and painted I sat with my hands under the air dryer but had to move my chair further and further away until I was at full arm stretch. This got some weird looks until I explained my age, the time of life and hot flushes.  I mean I didn’t really go there to give a bloomin biology lesson! #nails #ditzy #humour #relax #smoothie #nailbar #acrylicnails #gelnails #celebratewhoyouare #water #coffee #justoops😚


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