Locked Out

Putting my bits away in the office at the end of the day and as I came out the door key pad closed behind me. I didn’t know the number so asked Michelle and then spent 5 minutes trying to get in. Slightly embarrassed I went back to my computer, fired it up and checked my messages to make sure I had the right number. There were two digits back to front and I hadn’t even written it. I so love not being alone in my ditzy world! So ensued another 5 minutes of trying to get in with the right number …. to no avail. Swallowing my pride I hunted Michelle down and she came to my rescue. But a further 5 minutes on we were still locked out and Michelle declared the lock broken. Panic thoughts running through my mind:

‘But I only came out of the door and it closed behind me’

‘I didn’t go anywhere near the lock or key pad when the door closed’

‘But then again, I only have to look at something ……’

‘We’re going to have to get a locksmith out’

‘This is going to cost so much money’

‘Please, if there’s anyone up there, I really have been well behaved today’

Luckily, before I could voice any of the above out loud or act on them, the locum nurse came out of her room and declared

“Oh. They’ve changed the number”

FFS! At least we found out before calling the locksmith – can you imagine the embarrassment of that. It would have been a bit like calling an electrician for something that’s switched off at the wall. And yes. I have!


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