Bank Card Dilemma

Whilst driving in the country today I noticed I had 54 miles of fuel left. Luckily I came across a garage and knew I had my cards with me as had just used one at the shop for a refund. I pulled in, finding that luckily they had extra long pumps to reach the far side and thanking whoever for spouts and holes different sizes so you can’t put diesel in a petrol car. Different colours simply isn’t enough for some people. Anyway, I filled her up and went inside to pay with the joint account card. I said thank you and took my leave only to be called back as my card had been declined. But I know we have enough money in there. Tried again, double checked the PIN number, declined again. By this point I felt as thought there was a big Britain’s got talent Red X above my head probably as red as my face. I turned and apologised to the gathering queue. The woman on checkout and the lady behind were both very kind and, whilst I got out my personal card, berated how banks suddenly freeze cards due to potential fraudulent activity. Once back at the car I rang Mark in a panic asking him to check the joint account. No fraud. Money in there. Bloody Bank.

Once home I checked my wallet to find TWO cards with joint account design on. Somehow my sons card had found its way in there and this was clearly the one I’d tried to use with my PIN. Knowing me I’ve probably put my refund in his account!


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