And Breathe

Gets in tonight and Mark asks about a £35.99 iTunes bill gone out of joint account.

Can’t work that out as my iTunes isn’t even linked to the joint account.

I ring up the bank and tell them so and I certainly never spend that much with iTunes anyway! And no neither has my husband. It’s fraudulent. They’ve refunded it and are investigating and yes I will ring them if I suddenly realise I spent it. But I definitely haven’t.

Two minutes after hanging up:

Bugger. I bought Calm ap which I have been telling all my patients about as a lot of it is free but it’s so good I actually paid for a year at £35.99 which I think is great value.

I might ask Mark to ring the bank back. After all it is a joint account even if I did accidentally pay with that card rather than my individual one. I’m sure he’d love to tell them all about his ditzy wife.

Right. I’m off to meditate …


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