Water Works

When I started in the surgery 5 months ago it took me a while to figure I had to wave my hand at the black dot on the wall to get the taps to deliver water. Once going though they seemed to take forever to stop and I do wash my hands thoroughly. In fact they would run for so long patients would comment “that will stop in a minute won’t it?”    I’ve given the continued response that they take forever to go off but do eventually stop whilst feeling really bad about the waste of water. Then yesterday I rinsed my cup, sat back at my desk with door propped open when Natalie popped her head in and said “you’re waters still running” I was just about respond when I saw her wave at the black spot on the wall to make the water stop. Hopefully I’m ok with the blood pressure machine?!

Still, it’s not quite as bad as in the last surgery when there was a light switch to unlock doors. I used to get confused and turn off lights instead which was fine until winter came and I’d regularly plunge the full waiting room into darkness!


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