Gremlins and Mercy

Gremlins are sent to try us but if we wait long enough we may be shown some mercy. Take yesterday for example …..

I had my whole day off planned:

• Go see the builders at my house

• Go get my nail fixed

• Go see my soon to be boss

• Pick up Zoe and get my tattoo finished

• Grab lunch

• Meet Mark at carpet shop to get flooring

• Go to B&Q and pick up loft ladders

What actually happened was:

• I got caught up with the builders so had to go straight to meeting with boss to be – who did not show as had forgotten and gone to another meeting – which I found out after 45 minutes of waiting.

• Decided to go to nail bar but my son Jack rang – he has a shift – drove across town home, picked him up and took him to work

• Drove back across town to pick Zoe up to find she had already gone to the tattoo studio

• Drove back across town to studio and got tattoo finished

• Discovered Jack had secretly filmed me and put a post on snap chat

• Got a gluten free sandwich and started to eat it down the high street

• Got a thump on the back of the head which made me drop my lunch, saw a flurry of white and the seagull finishing it off

• Met Mark at carpet shop and swapped cars so I could take his to put loft ladders in

• Picked up Jack from work

• Got back to Lowestoft and realised I had forgotten to get the ladders

• Went to Turkish restaurant with Jack but had to send my meal back and got a free Raki each and some wonderful chicken wings instead

• Table of people came in asking for Raki but were informed they were completely sold out – which led to Jack and I hiding behind our serviettes to drink ours and laughing our heads off

• High up woman from Jacks hospital came in and sat behind us. I told him not to worry – if she was that high up she probably wouldn’t recognise him anyway, at which point he pointed out his uniform

• When we got home I noticed jack filming me with his pesky phone. I told him to stop because my hair was a mess and I needed to find his dry shampoo. Result. Found it and sprayed it all over my head to discover it was shaving foam and in laughter knocked a can of dark berry fruits all over the only remain carpet in the house which just happens to be cream!

The gremlins are obvious.

The Mercy? To see and hear my son laugh so much until he cried


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