Please Release Me

Release? Well I would like to be released from my daily ditziness.

This morning I said goodbye to everyone and left the house for work. Two minutes later I was back. “What you forgotten now?” asked hubby. “Nothing” I replied “I just took your car keys instead of mine”

Driving off down the road and my seat belt warning light came on. I was moving my bag around in the passenger seat and thinking that surely it wasn’t that heavy? It wasn’t until I lifted it off and the warning was still sounding that I realised I hadn’t secured MY seatbelt.

Later in the day I got a message to ring a polic officer on 101 and was given a 4 digit extension number. I tried it 3 times to no avail as the extension number was not recognised. I hung up, rung 101 and spoke to someone explaining my dilemma. The response came ” No wonder madam. That’s his collar number not his extension. I’ll put you through now. Who shall I say is calling?” I gave my name but was far to embarrassed to say my professional capacity of responsible mental health nurse.

I need either locking up or releasing from my craziness!


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