All in a Day


Years ago (in the year 2000 to be precise) Lisa and I were taking the sprogs out. We eventually got sorted and all piled into Lisa’s car.  I sat in the passenger seat, she looked at me, I looked back and smiled and wondered why the hell she wasn’t reversing.  Okay, okay, it’s an easy mistake to make.  So I parked my car behind hers on the drive.  No problem!


We headed for Chelmsford, via the Halifax, as Lisa needed a balance on her account.  The conversation for over half of the ensuing journey, revolved around how the machine could actually keep her card when all she’d requested was a balance.  Quarter of an hour later, we established that she had a new card in her purse.  The one in the machine expired in December 1999 – I mean last century!


Next MacDonalds and the cinema.  I was really starting to question this play/quality time with the kids.  Perhaps I should stick to washing, cooking and housework – there seems to be far less tears and tantrums!  Simply the trip was not as sucessful as I’d envisaged.  Relief came when all were strapped back in the car.  Before we pulled away we watched a young lad screech up the slope, drive the wrong way around the car park and then try to park.  The parking was really funny.  Lisa said “he’ll learn to drive next week!”.  They got out of the car just as we drove past.  I so nearly wound down the window and quoted Lisa.  I’m so glad I didn’t.  Next minute she’d overshot the exit, had to reverse and on turning her head to see what she was doing, bashed it – full on – on the side window.  I wet myself.  Christ knows what they did, I couldn’t see through the tears.


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