True Grit

This time last year I was 5 days post op from bilateral foot surgey. I was hobbling painfully around in sexy black orthopeadic shoes and it took true grit and determination to get from A to B. The pressure of the bandages hurt but it was always a relief to take off the shoes, elevate my feet and try and relax. I would take them off at every non walking opportunity. At my first hospital check up, Mark wheeled me in to the orthopeadic waiting room and I releived my feet of said shoes and rested my feet on his leg. A lady in the waiting room, sat with her shoes firmly in place asked “Oh. Are you sure you’re allowed to take them off?” I responded that I was and they were only meant to keep your toes off of the ground when walking.  “Well” she responded through gritted teeth “the nurse told me I had to keep them on all the time and Ive even been wearing them in bed!” Poor lady!


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