Dig Deep

This morning I took Geri to fracture clinic. Before we got there she checked her appointment letter and asked “why are they sending me to the geriatric clinic. I’m not old?!”

No Geri. That says generic!

X-rays done, clinic found, consultant seen and car park token paid for. Get to the barrier. Where’ve I put the bloomin token? Emptied bag and pockets and searched the car. Nowhere to be found. Begged the man to let me out but told I would have to reverse up and pay a day rate. There’s 3 cars behind me. Please let me out and I will pull up in drop off zone and come in and pay. I’m an honest and responsible mental health nurse, albeit a bit ditzy. He relented, I parked up and went in to sort out payment and found the parking token deep in my jeans pocket!


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