All in a day of a ditzy girl

This morning I had to drop my automatic lease car in for repair after scraping the side on a huge, visible, metal bin in the work car park. Well I don’t have side sensors just bumper ones. After getting lost again, I finally found the garage and dropped off my car and, it would appear I also dropped my new drinks bottle there somewhere too (my work colleague bought me  shatter proof one as a leaving present but clearly not Corinna proof)

In exchange I got a manual courteousy car with no sensors anywhere and a £250 excess if it gets damaged whilst in my “care”.

After only forgetting the clutch at one roundabout I finally arrived at work. Bugger. My parking permit is in my lease car so I couldn’t park on the road. The staff car park was full – mostly with a huge bin – so I had to go to the public car park. £5 charge – I had precisely £4.97 in my purse. Off I walked to town to get a tenner out of the ATM and buy some cakes to get change for the car park. Back I walk to the car park, put in £4 and it would not take the last NEW £1 coin. Off I trundled to town again and had to ask the lady at the shop to rifle through her till and find an old style pound coin. Bingo! Finally I get to work and the up side is I’d achieved my Fitbit steps before 11am. The downside is I’ve also lost my new bifocal glasses so have had to swop between +1 for my computer, +2 for reading what I’m copying and nothing to see everyone.

Great. Blind. Senseless. Lost and ditzy. I can see a £250 cost coming up …..


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