The ditzy bit is working out how to enter the weekly challenge! Five Sentence Story Prompt – Soul

She was lying alone in the dark, in a bed that felt like a warm cocoon, unable to move freely and realising that she had to let her soul go.

This had all happened so suddenly, although everyone knows this will happen eventually, there had not been much warning of the actual event and now it was here.

She did not really want to go, she felt she had so much more to do here and had only just been reunited with her brother after several years apart.

She did not have any say in the matter, destiny was already written and the white light was shining, beckoning, calling and before she knew it she was being propelled towards it.

It was not an easy journey, made worse by her not wanting to leave, but eventually she was there and as she entered the white light she was picked up by the two hands of a midwife saying “Welcome to the world young lady”.


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