Relieved (Daily word Prompt)

We were all relieved to get out of the last hour of a really boring training day. Unfortunately, I found myself as the centre of the excuse.

Part of my tooth had broken off with no pain and I said to my colleagues that I needed to make a dentist appointment. Geri asked to look at my tooth part and the next I knew she was showing it to the facilitator and telling her I was in agony and we had to go. If that wasn’t enough, Lucinda went round the room collecting Paracetamol and Brufen which the facilitator dutifully watched me take.  The facilitator was relieved to discover I could get an urgent appointment at my dentist in the next hour, as I did an Oscar winning performance of talking to my voicemail messages  on my phone. I was the car share driver that day, so off we all went. I was so relieved to get out of there.

I couldn’t get an appointment at the dentist for two days, which was ok, as I wasn’t in pain but the stump was a bit annoying. I was relieved to get it out until I realised I needed 3 bloody stitches. When Karma comes back and bites you




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