Ditzy Shop

Popped into Aldi for chicken, 4 bottles cider and something else that I can’t now remember! Stopped at that as had left 50 carrier bags in the car and wasn’t buying another one. Put my goods on the conveyor belt and ….. picked up 3 bags of popcorn and 3 bags of pea snaps. It took me a while to realise, as I juggled back to the car, why I had enough hands before paying but not enough after. I got to my car and put the goods on the ground. Bugger. Where are my keys? Pushed everything under the car to try and hide it and was just about to go back into the shop when I noticed my wing mirrors were out. I’d left the car unlocked and there in the ignition were my keys. Phew. Luckily nobody has nicked it. Went to back seat to get a carrier bag, went to put bottles of cider in and dropped and smashed one when I heard a mans voice from inside my car. Oh yeah. I forgot. I’d left mark in their talking to his mate on the phone. Think I’m getting worse!


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