Is this a wind up? How do I respond? Or do I?Please help!

So. I posted recently how my photo and sale of my sons yellow model mini for £5 had attracted attention from would be car buyers! I adapted my advert to say MODEL and today I get this (not sure if it’s a wind up or they are as ditzy as me?!)

Buyer: Hi, what is the mileage and does it have an m.o.t? thanks

Me: It’s a model!

Buyer: Yeah I don’t really understand car models and reg years etc just love the colour, but don’t want something that’s gonna break down within a few months. Need a car though and like the look of a mini

Me: It’s a TOY model. It’s not a real one!

Buyer: I had a Ford Fiesta and that was a FREESTYLE. I don’t understand about model names etc as long as it runs and is reliable, how many miles has it done though???

I don’t know if it’s a wind up? What shall I do? 

Please help with your valued advise
Mrs. Ditzy


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