Never Too Much

Walking past the fair in Lowestoft today I heard Luther Vandros singing “Never too much”. As well as bringing back fond memories of dancing the night away to this in Tenerife in 1987 it also reminded me of an event last year.

Alison and I went to a concert at Priory Park in Southend. We managed to lose the tickets between the house and car and had to go back for them. We did manage to get the right train from Rayleigh and locate the venue. We found our spot in the marquee – right under a drip. We moved and found the grass very easy to dance on – in was quite slippery. Great – until we discovered it was because someone had chundered. Anyway, the highlight of the show was a Luther Vandros tribute act. We sang and danced and both decided we so wanted to see the real thing. When we eventually got in to Alison’s (as we’d forgotten to take a key) we excitedly told Kev and Mark our plans. “Luther Vandros. Las Vegas. All of us. Next Year”. They both looked at us, looked at each other  and laughing told us of his long gone departure from this world! Strike that off the bucket list then.



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