Mountain High

Back safe and sound from our holiday must do – mum and son time quad biking in the mountains. I got us out of Playa De Ingles and then Jack took us up the mountains. He took a bend wide and with a truck on coming I reminded him he needed to be on the right. “I know mum. I’m not you” How rude! We stopped for petrol and saw a cafe with a view just down the road. I decided to ride the quad there with Jack once again on the back. We only had to go 100 meters. I started indicating to park in the right when Jack suddenly started shouting “Go left mum, Left, LEFT”. Seeing oncoming traffic I clearly thought he had confused his left and right and turned more to the right – crashing into an out-turned tyre of a parked car. No damage – apart from a couple of jarred backs. Needless to say he rode the rest of the way with me holding on round his tummy – even after I had given him an abdominal thrust on one scary bend. Luckily dinner was a couple of hours previously. On having written my reflective account – I think this should probably be my last year of holiday quad biking. Having said that, years ago in Kos I was wearing my back pack to the front. We pulled up on the edge of a cliff, engine still running and admiring the view. I leant forward and somehow managed to catch my back strap on the accerator leaver which nearly propelled us over the edge. Perhaps I should have given up then!


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