The Long Way Round

Yesterday I booked a trip to Port Mogan. We got to the Yumbo for 8.45 nice and early for our 9.00 bus. We waited and we waited. Eventually we contacted the company who rang the driver and he told her he had been to our stop and even got out of the bus calling our name. I know I’m ditzy but I think even I wouldn’t have missed that. Besides, there were 5 of us there. We made our own way by public bus through Maspalomas, onto the port for the day and managed to get on the right bus back. We got off at Yumbo and went our separate ways leaving me to find my way back to the apartment on the route avoiding hills and steps. 15 minutes later I should have been nearing my destination only to find me back in Maspalomas! Then followed 30 minutes Of zig zagging up and down hills. Finally I was back and went up to the room only to find I had asked for the key for Geri’s room number and not mine 🙄


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