Here we go Again

I think I’m packed. I think Im ready.  Off to Gran Canaria with Geri tomorrow. At least with have the kids and her hubby to keep us organised.  Im driving us all to Gatwick and we will just have to see how far my tickets, passport, phone, keys, money and cards actually get. Luckily Geri booked the parking as I starterd to do it on a special offer – at Stansted when we are flying from Gatwick.

The last time I went to an airport was to pick up my hubby, son, step son and friends and Geri’s hubby Sam from Stansted after a week in Benidorm. We went to Geris for hot dogs and I happened to mention to Geri that one of the boys mum’s was a vicar. Next I knew she was thrusting her boobs out and stating “Don’t worry. My dad always said if you’ve got it use it” We were all looking bemused until we eventually realized that she has missheard  vicar for stripper.

Happy holidays. I’m sure we are going to have lots of stories to tell over the next two weeks ……………………………….


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