Not my Finest

Off to the flicks tonight but was early and decided to have a swift half of Suffolks best – Aspal Cyder, in a glass with ice. Thought this would be far better for me than a wine. That was until it was served half poured in my glass – from a 500ml bottle. Spoons don’t do it on draught. Half an hour later, I’m walking through Lowestoft town, trying to conceal half a bottle of Aspal and not look like a drunk. I somehow managed to do this, ask and pay for my ticket, go up to the Marina bar and take a plastic cup and sneakily decant the cider into it and sit sipping it at the bar whilst waiting for my cinema buddie.

We take our seats and just as the movie – Their Finest – starts, I wonder if my mobile is on silent. I rummage and find it and cannot see if it is on silent or not and decide it will be easier just to turn it off. I press and hold the button and Siri loudly announces “Sorry Corinna I did not get that”.  Bugger wrong sodding button.


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