All Cashed Out

So today Geri went to get her foreign currency post office card ready for Gran Canaria next week – before she spent the cash. This is all new to me – apparently you take your money in, load it on a card in the currency you want, activate it with a pin number that’s sent to your mobile phone and then spend spend spend in your country of choice. All great if you don’t get phone numbers back to front. Her card is now locked and she has to go back to the post office tomorrow to see if they can reactivate it! Hopefully I can learn from this as I thought it was a really good idea due to our previous holiday exploits……


On the way to the airport to Mexico I realised I’d left my bank card at home. Luckily Geri had hers, so I transferred money to her bank and we used her pesos and withdrawals. Until 5 days later when I went to get money out of the ATM and left the her card in the machine – which gobbled it up. Thank god she had her credit card with her too!

This reminded me of another time when we were going to Kos. Again, half way to the airport, I realised I’d left all my euros at home.


So will a post office card, credit card or Euro’s really be of use for me? Ooh. Can I use Apple Pay? Bugger, I’ve probably just jinxed my phone!


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