Things that happen to us

Why is it the screaming baby is always behind us on the plane, the screaming kids run around us when we are out for a romantic meal and the smelly person always sits next to us on the train? We’ve all had it happen and said it but Geri went a step further of things happening to her ….

She had ordered a lounge chair which was due to be delivered 2 days ago but did not arrive. She checked on the delivery tracking and discovered it hadn’t left the warehouse and on further investigation discovered this was due to a warehouse fire. Gone was the warehouse and her chair. All that keeps going through my head is “of all the warehouses, in all the world, her chair had to end up in that one!”

Was going to say I don’t have any soft furnishings stories myself and then remembered my lovely corner settee – that had to spend the first few weeks in our new town house downstairs. The lounge is on the middle floor and leading to it is a lovely wood staircase but a low ceiling. No pushing, pulling or squeezing would get it up there and in the end we had to cut half the bannister down and then stick it all back together again. Thinking of moving again soon – I need to shrink my settee I’m sure I can manage that somehow.

On the subject of things that happen to us, inflammatory situations and size I’ll finish today with tales from Level 42 concert at The Cliffs Pavillion. Mark and I had a great view of the stage until they came on and a 6′ 5″ guy (I kid you not) stood right in front of me. I spent most of the night counting the brown, tan and white squares on his shirt. I had just visually morphed them into a circular target when he moved. Cue Mr. White Shirt who was determined to pick a fight with Tall Guy no matter ‘how f’ing tall’. Then came his girlfriend who decided my personal space was hers and they started doing Renee and Renata in front of us.  Mr White Shirt then turned back to tall guy and squared up to him again (for no apparent reason). I had to get security who chucked him out. Renata was not happy, threw her drink over tall guy and stormed out!


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