Tonight we went to see Viceroys House which was brilliant and we managed to understand it all. Apart from the bit where Louise and I thought they were handing out dynamite sticks to the refugees instead of the food wraps!

This reminded me of my 34th birthday in London with the girls.  We were up in the gods watching Les Mis and Phoebe (not real name but all will become apparent why she is called this) got really cross with the little boy on stage. She thought he had climbed the barricades to steal the soldiers money. She calmed down once I’d explained these were bullets.

On another occasion Phoebe rang in a slightly confused and, trying not to be, distressed state. She rang regarding her latest dilemma that the fella she was seeing had put her in. The cause of this? Her Mohair jumper. Her question? “Are there really little creatures called Mo’s that they have killed to make my jumper?”.  Nope. But I’m sure we could write a song about it!


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