Random Ramblings

So after my Raspberry Cafe blunder yesterday, Mark and I attempted to go to the cinema but got caught up by the bridge and had to abort the mission. Mind you last time I went to the Cinema it was weird:

“One for La La Land please”

As he gives me the ticket “that’s one at 7.30”

“No 5 o’clock. It was advertised at 5”.

Everyone in the line starts panicking, uproar begins but is abated by:

“No. That’s one at seven pound 30!”

They even named a film after me!

Back to yesterday – I wanted to go that way anyway to book a dermal piercing but when I told Mark he looked horrified. An Anal piercing?! No Mark – Dermal. Not only do we miss hear words but the spell check for the written word can also be highly amusing. The work computer has changed words from annual leave to anal leave and appetite to apatite and as for texts – well that’s a whole blog on its own.

We went on a pub crawl instead and ended up at the Factory where I continued to sing (all the wrong words to all the songs) and dance the night away. I thought it was great, until I watched video footage this morning which showed me doing dad dancing and looking distinctly like Miss Piggy (cheers Swanny!)

We had a lot of fun though and danced 3 times to “You Never Can Tell” complete with Pulp Fiction moves – eat yer heart out Vincent and Mia. I thought it was all great until Rachel asked “any more requests” and they all shouted “yeah sit down!”. I had a little chuckle when we were doing the pinched nose move though as it reminded me of years ago when we were in Soho and a quartet were beautifully playing the theme tune to Titanic. I was pissed and young and stood next to them doing the pinched nose move. My girlfriends found it hysterical but the Chinese tourists didn’t. Oops!

And of course, when  you have had children and of a certain age, no night is complete without aqua aerobics which becomes more intense the more you drink. Squeeze, rock forwards, backwards, stand up, sit down and squeeze again etc etc …… until others outside the one cubicle shout “Hurry up. are you taking the piss or what?”


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