Master Chef

To sum up my cooking – Jack has always told visiting friends that they will know when tea is ready as the smoke alarm will go off. I have even been known to burn packet pasta.

We only ever had a microwave at work (although I managed to blow that up whilst trying to boil an egg) and everyone wanted a toaster. I found one on freecycle, got it pat tested and away we go. Funnily enough my work colleagues were not happy spending half of their lunch break in the cold car park. I wouldn’t mind but my toast wasn’t even burnt – just cold when the false alarm was declared.

Every year, I used to take great pride in cooking birthday cakes for various family members. This felt far more personal than a shop bought one. That was until I walked in with a cake for my brothers birthday and he could contain his laughter no more as he blurted out “here comes the annual brown “biscuit”. Tesco’s special now.

Bit of a joint effort yesterday. I’d boiled the chicken bones and made a vegetable soup but put too much chilli in it so dampened it down with tomatoes and coconut milk and left it in the slow cooker. I rang Mark and asked him to buy some rice and add it to the slow cooker when he got in. Which he did. The whole sodding bag! Despite 4 lots of separation in bubbling pans we only eventually managed one pan of edible rice and lots of overflowing mixed cooked rice.

The best has to be the multi taking thoughtful effort though. I was at work and Mark knew I was flying in and then flying out again to a works leaving do. He got the dinner going in the oven and started to run me a bath and sat in the kitchen on his computer whilst supervising the cooking. I walked into a wonderful waterfall cascading down the stair well and through the hall ceiling, light and smoke detector – which was clearly no bloody help on this occasion. Pretty and amusing all at the same time.

Oh …. And the paper on the bottom of the new frying pan.  Wondered what the burning smell was!


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