Another breakdown

Crisis call from Geri tonight “Red lights come on the dash board, my cars all wobbly and it says something about brakes failing. What should I do?” Erm … “I suggest you pull over”. This she did whilst I quickly googled the closest Kwikfit to her in Yarmouth, gave her the postcode and she hobbled there. Car has to stay in overnight so I went to pick her up. At least she was easy to find…..

On another occasion, some months ago, she rang to say she’d “broken her car”. On further discussion it transpired all the air had come out of her tyre as she ried to inflate them. That’s why I get others to do mine. I was in Yarmouth, she was in Lowestoft where I live and so I asked my hubby Mark to go out and see her and I would head over. We established she was at the Jet garage on the road to the Foxburrow.  10 minutes later I get a call from Mark. She’s not there. I ring Geri – are you sure it’s the Jet garage? Is the garage yellow? No it’s blue. She thinks it might be Esso.  We found her eventually – in a green BP one. She hadn’t just let the air out, she’d somehow managed to force the valve in! Another limp round to kwikfit and we just parked the car there and posted a note through with the car keys. Still it was an excuse to talk the night away.



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