Lease car blips

So I got a new lease car.  No steel girders but second best – all round bleepers.

Unfortunately that doesn’t help with everything……

For the first couple of months I had trouble with the bonnet keep popping open. I would notice this about once a week, as driving along and have to get out and pop it back down. I was starting to get a little peed off and then I realized that I only needed to apply pressure to the petrol cap cover to open it and not pull the release switch in the foot well.


One day I did a good deed. I had parked up in Lowestoft and noticed a man trying to parallel park behind me, shuffling backwards and forwards. Having only just parked my car, I jumped back in and moved it forwards slightly. As I got out he thanked me and then I saw his wife in the passenger seat fall about laughing. Very strange. Oh shit – there goes my car! I managed to open it, jump in it and pull on the handbrake before it rolled out into the road from the car park. No mean feat for me as those who know me well can testify.  Yeah! I multitasked!

Unlike another work colleague who parked in the work car park and looked out of the window to see next doors fence taken out. Oops!




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