Car Prangs

And a kindly reminder on my timeline today ….

‘Thought I had loads of room between me and the wall as I reversed into the work car park this morning. I did – but some idiot has put a concrete post in the way. I mean who puts a bloody concrete post that you can’t see in between you and a wall that you can?!’


I have to say this wasn’t as embarrassing as the time I reversed in the police station car park (on work business) and into their wall – but at least that one was low. The woman in the bus stop behind it found it highly amusing hopefully the CCTV watchers did too. We just Bonnie and Clyde’d it out of there.

But the worst time was when I nervously went to meet my sister in law to be.   All went really well. I met her children and her husband and her friend Claire who had arrived to pick up her daughter.  As we got in the car to leave I looked at Mark and he said “that went well”. I started to reverse and responded with “yes” to then hear him scream “car!” Too late – I wrote off Claire’s Sunblaze gold car. Oh fuck! How to make an impression.

I now have a lease car with surround sound bleepers, but more about that tomorrow ……


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