Eye sight

Tatoo fiished last night and numbing crem applied to eyes to to prepare for eyeliner touch up,  After 2 hours of waiting we didn’t have time to complete the task but my left eye badly reacted to the cream and I cannot open it! Partially sighted, when we got home I was really hungry and pleased to see Jack had obviolsy made some sort of rice dish and left it on a bowl on the side.  Mmm. I took a big spoonful and started to eat then realising it was the porridge and potato skin mix I’d made earlier for the rabbit! Yuk. This reminds me of the time…..

Jack was upset, after having 3 weeks away, when our black  cat Schitz didn’t come to greet when we got in at 4AM.  I went up to the ensuite and realised he was lying on the floor in there. I spoke to him, he didn’t flinch, I stroked him and then realised it was my black skirt I’d taken off earlier. And this – all after eye lazer surgery – should have saved my money


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