Its there in INK

Last night I spent another 2 hours in the tattoo chair finally getting a cover up that I finally like after 20 odd years ….

Loving my small humming bird tattoo on my thigh I decided to have a small angel on my shoulder. This was many years ago when tattoos were quite rare on women and I was therefore being quite brazen to have one that could be seen. It was small enough for me to cover though if I needed to. Or it would have been if it hadn’t been a complete bodge job. I had to get a cover up and to make things worse I chose a bloody carp fish jumping out of water. I put up with it for about 15 years and then had a huge, dark flower growth climbing up my left shoulder. Now it is even bigger but looking lush.


Once Jack was 18 and getting into tattoos himself he had a lovely rose design on his arm with a scroll saying “falling down is part of life, getting back up is living” and has my date of birth under it. I thought this was really sweet and decided to have a mother and son tattoo on the side of my calf. I love yin and yang and researched this more and discovered that in essence it means ‘Divisible but Inseparable’. I found out the Chinese writing for Jack and had that written in the male/black side and mum written in the white female side and had the meaning of yin and yang written around the circle. But brainstorm day – I told the tattooist to write ‘Divisible but not inseparable’. A Corinnaism embellished in ink on my skin forever. I have looked at designs to try and cover the ‘Not’ over but Jack insists I leave it so that when I’m in my coffin he can remember the real me!


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