Lost car … again

Another 20 minutes lost, walking  round Tesco carpark continually pressing my keys frantically looking for orange flashing lights!

Losing my car is quite common place, Ive often hunted for long periods of time on different levels of multi storeys, but never actually got to the point of calling the police. To be fair, when Jack was young, I never had to think about where I was parking as he always remembered exactly where it was.  This was not to be on our return from a holiday to America. We had stayed overnight at a hotel before departure from Gatwick, with parking for the 17 nights. Unfortunately I lost the piece of paper to ring for pick up and neither of us could remember the name of the hotel upon our return. Luckily I could remember the rough direction the bus had taken and was able to back track in a taxi.

This was slightly trickier than when we forgot what area of Jet Parks at Stanstead airport we had parked at. Luckily the bus driver was really helpful and able to radio back to base to see which section had been in use when we parked. If I had been him I might have been tempted to tell us it was I for idiots.

No doubt I will continue to lose my car, despite making a very concerted effort to focus and concentrate more. And of course there is now the find my car ap but this doesnt help with finding other peoples cars.

One night Lisa, Karen and I were heading out I cant even remember where as it was so long ago.  Lisa was driving and we stopped at a garage to buy some cigs and chewing gum. I was allocated to be the buyer and jumped out to purchase our goods.  I was so excited to be going out as I was a fairly new mum and so looking forward to a girlie night out. I ran back to the car, jumped in the passenger seat and shouted lets go!  We didnt move. I looked at Lisa to see some strange, shocked man looking back at me and my friends in the car next to him pissing themselves laughing.


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