Had a good tummy wok out with the belt last night but it hurts today. Great to exercise from my bed though and safer than gym adventures ………

I’m not a morning person really. But one morning I was wide awake at 6am and being newly joined to a monthly gym membership decided to get my butt down there. At 6.40 I was 5 minutes into the treadmill. Oh MY GOD! (too drastic to shorten it) What is going on? In the previous week I’d managed 30 minute sessions but this day I was panting, puffing and my legs were killing me. Oh. Maybe level 11 has something to do with it? I don’t do inclines. Level 3 is my max! Shortest gym session ever. Note to self – Check the bloody level!

One Friday night, Geri and I went for a swim (well we went in the pool for a bit) and then had a jacuzzi. Whilst relaxing in the bubbles we commended ourselves on Friday night exercise and how much better this was for us than our normal Friday night bubbles – up the pub. All was going well until we walked back past the swimming pool, I slipped and felt right on my arse jarring my already fragile back. At least if we’d gone to the pub I wouldn’t of bloody felt it!  That was our last Friday night health club session but that’s just reminded me of a midday one ……

One Thursday Geri suggested we go for a nice relaxing swim and Jacuzzi but we got there late, walked two lengths of the pool and then ended up in the aqua aerobics class which was hysterical. Geri is dyspraxic and I had a bikini on so had to co-ordinate extra moves of pulling up my bikini bottoms. I now have swimsuits!


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