Road Trip with the Deasley!

Road trip to Twickers with Geri which took slightly longer due to twatnav taking us north circular – past Tottenham and Wembley on a bloody Saturday! Geri started to get excited for her first ever rugby match and was chanting “Go Lions, go lions”. No Geri it’s Leicester Tigers! Luckily it happened in the car so I could brief her.

Got there late and missed two tries and a conversion whilst trying to look for our seats. Well I figured M38 would be up a tier above L38. We were getting close L34 L35 L36… L1!  Wtf? Obviously not designed by someone who thinks my way then. We’d walked right past it to other side of stadium. We just darted in every entrance to have a quick peek as we walked back round to sit 10 minutes before the end of first half. After 5 minutes Geri asked what the men were doing exercising behind the try line with their red bibs on. I explained they were the subs to which she replied (in all seriousness) “Oh. I thought they were cheerleaders or something”.

We walked the wrong way (2 miles) from the car but got to see Twickers. I know – Siri “Find my car”. I love it. Bugger  Battery has gone. Got a cab that took us to the wrong car park but eventually got home safe and sound. Yeah! We survived London together!



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