So this morning I have a meeting clearly blocked out on my electronic rota but nobody knows what it’s about! I am the only with with said meeting and cannot find out where it has come from but clearly someone has blocked it. At 11.40, none the wiser, I nip out to the shop. Luckily Luke walks out with me at the same time and makes a passing comment “you been to your physio appointment now then?” Bugger!

And Breathe

Gets in tonight and Mark asks about a £35.99 iTunes bill gone out of joint account. 

Can’t work that out as my iTunes isn’t even linked to the joint account. 

I ring up the bank and tell them so and I certainly never spend that much with iTunes anyway! And no neither has my husband. It’s fraudulent. They’ve refunded it and are investigating and yes I will ring them if I suddenly realise I spent it. But I definitely haven’t. 

Two minutes after hanging up:

Bugger. I bought Calm ap which I have been telling all my patients about as a lot of it is free but it’s so good I actually paid for a year at £35.99 which I think is great value. 

I might ask Mark to ring the bank back. After all it is a joint account even if I did accidentally pay with that card rather than my individual one. I’m sure he’d love to tell them all about his ditzy wife. 

Right. I’m off to meditate …

Daily Prompt: Stifle

via Daily Prompt: Stifle

When I was sweet 16,  I went to the local village hall for an anniversary party.  I was smoking at the time but my parents didn’t know. My mum and dad walked in just as they were about to do the speeches and just as I was dragging on a ciggie. I quickly put it out between my fingers and shoved it in my bag. Unfortunately, there were tissues in there, which themselves started smoking. I sat there trying to discreetly stamp on my bag and stifle my panic.  It was no good. I had to run to the toilet, pretending to be sick in my bag whilst not stifling myself from the smoke. I made it to the loo and doused the fire with water and calmly emerged appearing completely unscathed. Which is more than can be said for my handbag. Luckly the speeches were clearly very good as nobody seemed to notice me or know of my dilema ………… until now.

JInscrutable Me

via Daily Prompt: Inscrutable

Inscrutable is an adjective which sums up me and my blog completely!

The saying ‘Don’t try to understand me, just love me’ should definitely be my motto.

I often find the world itself as unfathomable as others find me.

At work I’m very observant but I seem to completely tune out when I log off. I have often asked things such as “is that new” to be told that the picture has been hanging in that place for 10 years – in my childhood home.

Once, whilst driving, I was astounded to see what looked like bald pink sheep in a field. I expressed my surprise for my son to inform me they were pigs. The standing joke is now “look mum – wooly pigs”

I used to despair of me, but now I just embrace it and share my ditziness with others to try and brighten their day. Check out more of my blogs on my home page. I promise, every single one is completely but unbelievably true.


via Daily Prompt: Inkling

Yesterday I heard Mark shout “I have you stupid cow.  Typical bloody woman, doesn’t listen to a word I say”.

I didnt have an inkling what I had said or done and then I realised he was shouting at Alexa. She was apparently telling him to turn the internet on.