Locked Out

Putting my bits away in the office at the end of the day and as I came out the door key pad closed behind me. I didn’t know the number so asked Michelle and then spent 5 minutes trying to get in. Slightly embarrassed I went back to my computer, fired it up and checked my messages to make sure I had the right number. There were two digits back to front and I hadn’t even written it. I so love not being alone in my ditzy world! So ensued another 5 minutes of trying to get in with the right number …. to no avail. Swallowing my pride I hunted Michelle down and she came to my rescue. But a further 5 minutes on we were still locked out and Michelle declared the lock broken. Panic thoughts running through my mind:

‘But I only came out of the door and it closed behind me’

‘I didn’t go anywhere near the lock or key pad when the door closed’

‘But then again, I only have to look at something ……’

‘We’re going to have to get a locksmith out’

‘This is going to cost so much money’

‘Please, if there’s anyone up there, I really have been well behaved today’

Luckily, before I could voice any of the above out loud or act on them, the locum nurse came out of her room and declared

“Oh. They’ve changed the number”

FFS! At least we found out before calling the locksmith – can you imagine the embarrassment of that. It would have been a bit like calling an electrician for something that’s switched off at the wall. And yes. I have!

Poor visability

This morning Mark apologised for the dirtiness of the car following his weekend trip to Manchester. Driving home tonight I was preparing myself to tell him I’d never seen it so dirty as I couldn’t even see through the windscreen properly. And then I remembered the windscreen washers!

Bank Card Dilemma

Whilst driving in the country today I noticed I had 54 miles of fuel left. Luckily I came across a garage and knew I had my cards with me as had just used one at the shop for a refund. I pulled in, finding that luckily they had extra long pumps to reach the far side and thanking whoever for spouts and holes different sizes so you can’t put diesel in a petrol car. Different colours simply isn’t enough for some people. Anyway, I filled her up and went inside to pay with the joint account card. I said thank you and took my leave only to be called back as my card had been declined. But I know we have enough money in there. Tried again, double checked the PIN number, declined again. By this point I felt as thought there was a big Britain’s got talent Red X above my head probably as red as my face. I turned and apologised to the gathering queue. The woman on checkout and the lady behind were both very kind and, whilst I got out my personal card, berated how banks suddenly freeze cards due to potential fraudulent activity. Once back at the car I rang Mark in a panic asking him to check the joint account. No fraud. Money in there. Bloody Bank.

Once home I checked my wallet to find TWO cards with joint account design on. Somehow my sons card had found its way in there and this was clearly the one I’d tried to use with my PIN. Knowing me I’ve probably put my refund in his account!

Happy Mother’s Day

Had a lovely text and Facebook message from Jack this morning. When he got home I opened my card from Kiegan and was really surprised to see another card suddenly appear on the side. Jack is not really a card person so I wasn’t expecting this. I rapidly opened the card to discover it was the card has written for his mum. Oops! Sorry Diane 😫

The Arts

Spent most of last night watching movies due to insomnia. Just loved the beginning of The Jane Austen Book Club as I watched all the incidents occurring with several different women, which could easily sum up a normal day in my life.

Today I tried to be organised and catch up with all the bits I haven’t been able to do this week due to pulling my back at work on Thursday. Only I could pull my back trying to get my retched orthopaedic chair back into position. I mean it’s meant to help my back!

Anyway, today I took pain relief And got myself motivated, grabbed Jack and some art work and headed to the auction house for valuation. One of the pictures was inherited and, I’d been informed, valued at £1200 several years ago. This was my best hope to try and help Jack fund his trip to Australia. After all, I would have passed it down to him eventually so we can go halves on it now whilst I’m still here. Pictures and high hopes in tow, to be told it was painted by a street artist and worth about £90! Might buy him a Greyhound ticket to somewhere!

Then off to B&M to return some bits and swap the push in light bulbs we bought for the screw in ones we needed. I wouldn’t mind, we’d bought the lamps at the same time and checked the bulbs fitted from an already open pack and then picked up an obviously incorrect sealed pack. Next stop was to go to Dunelm to replace bed valance for a different one. Had originally bought a sheet with drop valance attached, two birds with one stone and all that. But we forgot that I have a memory foam topper on my side of the bed making it higher than Marks side and therefore leaving one very skew whiff valance! We were then going into town to pay my birthday cheques into the bank and exchange old pound coins I’d found in the bottom of my smash money bottle, trade in an old phone, donate old glasses to Specsavers for developing countries whilst Jack got his hair cut and then meet for pub lunch.

We actually got as far as B&M car park, found the goods and receipts and am just so glad I looked for my cards at this point. It would have been so embarrassing to get to the till and then not have had my cards for refunds and payments. Mind you, Jack and I should be used to that by now but today we were saved.

I have now given up, returned home and gone back to bed. I figure the world is a far safer place with me there.