Techno melt down

Yesterday I sent a prescription to print only for it to disssppear into the virtual ether. Off I trotted to pharmacy, who couldn’t find where it had gone and had to redo for me. Was about to contact IT when I had a eureka moment – no prescriptions in the printer. 

Today, at another surgery, the blood forms wouldn’t print. I worked it out again – the printer wasn’t on. This afternoon it then wouldn’t print again and deleted my referral letter. I went to seek assistance from admin before a complete melt down. He fixed it. He turned the printer on AGAIN! 

Bare Exit

So on the night of their marriage blessing I booked Geri and Sam into the honeymoon suite at The Hotel Victoria. All went well, until 2am when Geri had to go to the loo. Up she got, in her birthday suit, opened the door and found herself standing in the hotel corridor. Too late, the room door had automatically closed. So ensued 10 minutes of naked door knocking, trying to wake her husband who had had a skinful of Reki, with her dad in the room next door! 

Clean Keys


A couple of months ago I met Geri and Harriet for lunch at Cuba Revolution in the Norwich. Afterwards I went to get my car keys out of my coat pocket but they weren’t there. I emptied my handbag and coat looking for them to no avail. Geri went to wait outside knowing they would be somewhere in my organised chaos. Panic started to loom but was abated when I remembered I’d left them with the valet guy cleaning my car at the car park!


Dressing up

All the girls together getting ready for the big day and we actually manage to get my headdress to stay on. Then the hunt ensues for the star of the shows matching one. After a while hat youngest piped up “I was using it for dress up and it was in my dressing up bag that you threw out the other day. Didn’t know you wanted it!” Headress swap and new hairdo. Luckily we are doing well for time 

Phone Recall


So after 3 years of living here, I’ve just left my work number, yet again, instead of my home one on a voicemail. The best one was when we moved in, I decided not to send change of address cards, but waited to send a Christmas newsletter out with my cards, new address and phone number. When I returned to work after the holidays the receptionist was bemused to find a few personal messages for me. Luckily they were all clean.

Room Relief

Have spent all month at my new job walking up and downstairs to the loo. Just came out of my room to see a doctor exiting a door which I hadn’t even noticed before. The little  room is right opposite mine